About Me

Roshanae’s exposure to the world began on April 21 in a Dope and Uplifting year amongst 3 siblings in Chicago. Growing up on the urban stage of life exposed her to the good, bad, the have and the have not’s. Aside from the Midwest experiences many may call of harsh environment, Roshanae always remained firmly gentle and caring to all those around her. This calm firmness is a pillar used by Roshanae as she talks with others. She is a young creator encouraging others to enter the frame of their envisioning to live their dreams; not to hang their dreams on a wall of doubt and inactivity.
Activating the truth she shares with others, Roshanae took the necessary steps and created her own business in 2019 by launching Dope & Uplifting. The start of Roshanae’s brand name derives from her experience with urban lingo as the word “Dope” transformed into an expression meaning “Excellent”. It was befitting for her to choose a brand name defining her focus in uplifting those around her while also being excellent in her business ventures and personal life.
An extension of being “Dope” in Roshanae’s business motto is to always seek to maintain looking and feeling your best no matter what life presents to you for “The mind is only as strong as its fabric” R.Strong. Roshanae believes our trials and tribulation are stories of motivation not only for ourselves but for others who seek guidance from those who have conquered similar encounters. Through such actions we uplift and encourage the human race one excellent step at a time.
While Roshanae continues growing forward with her business and community. Let us support her by activating our purpose; setting ourselves free from fear and doubt to achieve our ideas. Being the embodiment of Dope & Uplifting, Roshanae hopes to impart in those that cross her platform... we all should be “Dope in our own skin” and purposely happy as we charge to give life to visions that are “Dope and Uplifting”
Inspiring is a peace in empowering - R.Strong